At Asha Kiran School, we are committed to providing an education of excellence. We strive to provide a foundational experience for our students - nurturing the development of men and women of character, imparting a body of knowledge for students to enter the world culturally literate, able to express themselves in a broad range of contexts, and invest generously in their communities and neighborhoods.

Your gifts of time, energy and funds help to support this high-quality education and provide opportunities for children with financial needs. Thank you for your continuing involvement and tremendous generosity toward our school! Through your gift we are able to support the following vital areas:
  • Providing financial aid for qualified students
  • Making available competitive compensation and professional development to attract and retain the most talented and skilled teachers and staff.
  • Scholarship provided for deserving students
Ways of Giving

There are many ways and opportunities to contribute to Asha Kiran School– from volunteering one’s time to contributing a financial gift. Financial gifts may be made in the form of cash, cheques, matching gifts and planned giving. All gifts are exempted under section 80G on the Indian Income Tax Act and receipt is sent for all gifts (within India).
Volunteer Your Time

Consider volunteering your time and talent to Asha Kiran School, including helping with school events (i.e. Talents Day, Annual Day, etc) as well as tutoring and general administrative assistance. If you are interested in volunteering, please e-mail


‘I came back from “ Asha Kiran” today after attending their sports day and it was a very heart touching experience for me. These kids get to learn a lot of things including education, vocational skills etc. My experience today left a tear in my eye when a small girl held on to my arm  tight and after talking to me and playing with me, she rested her head on my  lap and went to sleep. She was not ready to let go of me. All the kids really liked our presence in there.’

- Saurabh Thapar, EMCSquare

‘In my life I never ever come across such programs!! Thanks for arrange such a nice/worthy program which made my day very special.’ It was great experience with the kids who needs special care and attention. I feel Asha Kiran is one of the best place where these kids get chance to grown up at their own pace. Asha Kiran teaches them to be independent which means a lot. Really I wish to be part of this kind of program again and again. Thanks team to show me a different world through this program.’

- Namita Nayak, EMCSquare

‘I felt my time was put to bets use playing with children in XLR8 sports. It was amazing to see how playing sport was helping children build confidence. Every catch, every neat throw brought in pride cementing belief in themselves. For me  the myriad ways in which I can contribute to society while being in my day job defines why I love being part of EMC.’

- Vinaya Kini, EMCSquare

Cross road

Volunteering for Asha Kiran events not only gives us a chance to give back to society but have fun playing with children. It also helps us build leadership skills, as we volunteer for recurring events like playgym and XLR8 where different employees get to lead the event. Programs with Asha Kiran truly defines ‘Giving back to Society for us but with loads of fun and satisfaction as well as gratitude’.

From time to time we are in need of special educators, speech therapists, occupational therapists, teachers, music teachers, Physical instructors and others.

The school can provide opportunities to serve the special children in various departments. It is looking for both short term and long term volunteers. Kindly write to us if you feel the urge to be with these children.

If you are interested to work or volunteer in Asha Kiran School, please send your resume to and depending on the vacancy available, we will contact you.
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