Teachers Reflections


I.What Was Your Initial Experience In Asha Kiran?

1) Not knowing how to teach and having a very low patience level, adjusting with special children was very difficult. Every child has a unique problem and this made the job very difficult. Many times it crossed my mind to quit the job but always God held me back.


2)On the first day, I still remember, how I wept at home after seeing Davis getting settled in school. I felt I can’t come back to work here. I also felt that I can’t teach or make the students understand the vast subject which I was teaching. I also regretted for teaching Maths and also wished I was teaching a much easier subject.


II.How Is It Different Now?
1) My perspective to life has changed. I have learned to accept and realize that life has to go on. I believe what you get you must return and therefore I want to work and teach these kids. They are most definitely special to me. I have learnt to respect, love and accept.


2) I have become more confident as a person.


3) It is not only teaching to them but it’s become a time of learning more life values, not only personal, but also for the betterment of my family and society.


III.How Have You Grown As A Person During Your Tenure In Asha Kiran?

1)Changes in the perspective, becoming more patient, a happy new world every day.


2)My interpersonal relationship improved. Insight to develop my personality.


3)Asha Kiran has helped me in identifying my hidden talents and helped me to bloom as a more confident and independent person.


4)I would say I wasn’t quite like what I have become in the past few months. I have matured as a person and learnt the importance of life, love and respect. The kids have taught me to be a happy person, a better person and a complete person.


5)I have learnt a lot from my students. I have become more patient, empathetic and self motivated.


IV.What Have Your Children At Asha Kiran Taught You?

1)That their being naughty or having tantrums don’t extend beyond a few minutes and similarly my being upset with them should never extend beyond a few seconds. Since their love for me is unconditional all the time, my love should reciprocate this too.


2) Unconditional love and Pratham has taught me to be patient and deal with my own emotions.


3)Learnt to listen to others patiently and accept every individual as they are.

4)Love unconditionally, patience and care for one another and preparation


5)Unconditional love, different ways of approach


6)Many things, specially to be a right role model as a teacher


7)To smile, to forget and forgive


8)I love to work with my kids. Each kid is different and every day I am experiencing new things from these kids. They are for me like a pearl, very precious to me. Patience, happiness and so many things they are teaching me every day.


V.What Have Been Some of Your Learning’s Through Team Work at Asha Kiran?

1)Sharing, Compromise, new ideas, easy way of learning/ gaining knowledge.


2)Each one has a talent and it has to be valued. I can’t be alone; I need a society and friends to stand by me. I need help and my dependence on God and others. To do the best and leave the rest to God. To be focused in what I have to do. Help wherever needed.


3)Cooperation, Coordination, being submissive to each other and sincere effort.


4)How to help each other when in need. How to be friendly with everyone.


5)By working in team it gave me courage to face the crowd, sharing many experiences with others and learning things from the experiences of others. Team work helped me to do the tasks in an efficient manner by putting the ideas of others.


VI.Over The Years, Having Observed/Interacted With Other Special Needs Children, How Has Your Perception Changed Towards Your Special Child?
1)The perception towards my child has not changed in any way as she was, is and always will be the angel in my life.