Visitors Testimonials

Visitors / Volunteers Comments:

Monday 14th February 2005- Michael and Rachel Boswell, Woodstock Road, Oxford, NY.

We have much enjoyed our stay over here. This school is a beacon of light in an after dark world. We were so impressed with the love and dedication of the staff and the friendliness and approachability of the children. It has been so heart warming to be here. May God continue to bless your work richly in the future.

25th February 2005- Malavika

I have been very impressed with what I have seen for myself and heard from other parents and felt being in the school. I feel your attitude towards the children and your faith in them is the warm factor their development.

24th May, 2005 – Phil

What a blessing to be at Asha Kiran today! Thank you for your incredible commitment to the lives of such precious children. I am also touched to hear the stories of God’s abundant provision. I look forward to seeing Asha Kiran next time again!

22nd June, 2005 – Sr. M Jyothi ( Founder Principal – St. Agnes Special school, Mangalore)

Asha Kiran Special Needs School is a boon to our society. The children are looked after and taught well by the dedicated staff under the direction of the most able and loving Principal. May Jesus continue blessing the school and all those who offer their labour of love.

24th June, 2005- Heather (Texas, USA)

It was a wonderful experience. You do fabulous education and instructional work here, giving each student one- on- one attention and eternal hope as God’s creation.

3rd July 2005- James Ebenezer (Chennai)

The lord brought me in his own time to see everything and understand that when God choose a person for his work, he will do everything through them. May God bless this Ministry.

12th August 2005- Sangeetha Jain (Seattle, USA)

May the Lord bless you and increase the work you are doing. May he continue to use you as an awesome blessing to many thousands of children and their families. I am certain that the Lord will supply all your needs. He is a God of more than enough! Thank you for the opportunity to share in your work.

1st December 2005 – Kent, Cheryl, Alex, Thomas, David. G, Neal, Kosheno, Elizabeth- Whitworth College.

Thank you so much for the wonderful time at Asha Kiran! We really enjoyed our stay here. We all wish we could stay here longer! You and the staff have been so generous and open to us! We will pray for the continued success and serving God’s plan and serving children in Bangalore. God Bless!

8th February 2006- Rev C.A Wellington (United Methodist church)

I am glad to see the vision and dream that both of you had because a reality and a blessings to many children in Bangalore and elsewhere. May God continue to guide you and show others that this school for special needs requires the prayer and financial support from the international community.

1st April 2006 Ravi Navartnam – Cylone Bible society

It was great to be with the children and staff on their special day- you are a blessing to all of them. May God bless you and all involved even as you continue to serve him in this special way all honour, glory to our creator. May God bless you.

20th May 2006- Deborah Khoo ( Singapore)

Thank you for the opportunity to see this beautiful school in such a peaceful environment. It is wonderful to see that the children are getting the best opportunity to realise their potential to the fullest. Most of all, it is inspiring to hear how God has provided all this so richly, and how all the children who pass through as well as their families are blessed. Praise God for what he has done in and through Asha Kiran, and may he continue to bless you mightily.

20th May 2006- Priscilla Ng ( Singapore)

In a world where all too often the priority is all too often economics and academics, it is so encouraging to find a school with the priorities and vision that Asha Kiran has. Truly God has blessed and used this school to touch many little lives! May God be with each and every one of the staff and students as the school continues to grow, and may he always provide and undertake in every little thing.

15th August 2006- GP Capt. VR Banja

I looked upon this visit as an event but it turned out to be an experience. Living in my own cocooned world, with what I thought were insurmountable problems, I was introduced to a world of brave parents and dedicated staff. I shall be definitely more circumspect when voicing my woes. Thank you for this opportunity and God bless in your entire endeavour.

30th July 2007

It moved my heart to see the children at your school transformed. I was challenged to see the dedication, commitment and the positive attitude of team of teachers working to fulfil the vision. Be assured of my prayers.

5th October 2007- Rohit

What a gracious and faithful God we have who has enabled you to see your vision become reality.
Your love for him and for these very special children is so clear; it shines as of light of the word in this city. God bless you and all you do in his name.

Jan 26th 2009- Susan and Jennifer Rembert

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to learn more about your school in our visit to India. Thank you all for the kindness you have shown us in making us feel both a part of the school and so welcome here. The work and mission of this school is wonderful and the spirit of servant hood is evident in all that you do. I pray that God will continue to bless the school children and staff here at Asha Kiran. Thank you and God bless.

27th February, 2009- Dr. Ali Khwaja, Counsellor

One of the best mornings I have spent in a long time, with lovely, innocent and highly enthusiastic and loving children- and of course with their very dedicated and loving teacher.

22nd October 2009- Rio- Jakarta Indonesia.

This school is a miracle from God! My prayer is that more children could be served in their special needs school and that these children will be a living testimony of God’s grace.

18th December 2009- N. G Jairam

I am astonished to see the excellent work done by all the teaching staff and the Principal. My congratulations to everyone and look forward in hearing all the good things from the school. All the best to each one of the staff members.

16th Jan 2010- Jun Ge.

What a blessing to hear and see what God has done in this school through your faithful service. May Asha Kiran shine the blessings like the ray to the community particularly to these special need children! They will grow and become precious children to the society and to India and beyond.

26th March 2010- Sharan K

It’s an eventful day in my life to see the cheer and glow in so many kids with diverse abilities. I sincerely thank you for providing me this opportunity. May God bless you with all the strengths to continue doing all that you are doing already.

13th August 2010- Patricia Souza

I was so blessed to visit the school. I am impressed by the balance of love, grace and professionalism that I can see. May the lord bless you richly.

4th October 2011- Christine.S

God opens my eyes and heart with your school. It’s an inspiring story to see how God uses you to share the love of God and change people’s lives. It’s my privilege to know you and your wonderful work. May god bless you in every way.

Andrew Yabusaki

Coming to Asha Kiran was a bold step for me. I left behind important job opportunities and internships to put my faith securely in my heart. I was led here.
When I arrived, I waited for God to show me what He would do with me. My class was a pre-vocational class and though the challenge was great, I expected God to turn this challenge into a huge success. I would magically turn these kids into 10th standard students. When this didn’t happen, and in fact, no progress was made, I became very frustrated. I didn’t understand why I was here. Was I led here to achieve nothing for these kids? After much thought, I realized this trip was about what these kids would teach me – not what I would teach them.
For the first time, I recognized God’s love. These children were so pure, uncorrupted in the world but not of the world. The teachers are so devoted, patient and kind. I wanted to be in that love. I have always loved teaching, but the prestige of being a pharmacist pushed the thought of being a teacher away.
Being here, and not interning in a pharmacy, is the best decision I have ever made. It showed me which career I felt was meaningful. I am very thankful to the staff and students at Asha Kiran for leading me to a fulfilling path.