We are an accredited institution of the National Institute of Open Schooling, under, “Special Accredited Institutions for the Education of the Disadvantaged” [SAIED], Government of India, at par with the CBSE Board. Vide accreditation No. 450024. Open Schooling is Student friendly: Offers Subject Choice, personal pace, well-spaced Assessments etc.

At Asha Kiran, a child is expected to achieve at a level consistent with his/ her God given ability. Our students have access to One to One Education/ Group Learning/ Indoors/ Outdoors. Curricular materials are widely varied to cater for individual needs.

We aim to establish independence in learning, for the joy of it!


A caring environment where we focus on all round development of a child. A holistic approach.

Teacher student ratio in each class is 1:8

NINE HATS SERIES books are followed for LEVEL A & B

Based on the theory of multiple intelligence for learning

Facts, Skills and Concepts form an integral part of our teaching methodology.

The school follows the NIOS curriculum for Grade 10 (Secondary) and 12 ( Senior Secondary)


Level AO (Bridge between the pre-school & primary school)
Level A (Class 1-3)
Level B (Class 4-5)
Level C (Class 6-8)
Secondary (Class 10)
Senior Secondary   (Class 11-12)
Co-curricular and Extracurricular activities like Sports, Music, Dance, Drama, Scriptures etc. is integral part of learning

Pre-requisites for admission

We divide the students according to their mental level.
Should be fully trained in self-help skills.
Each Student has to appear an entrance test depending on the level to which the admission is requested.
Any mode of communication is accepted. (Verbal or Non-verbal)
Adaptable to school environment
Ready for Classroom participation


Monday – Friday

Therapeutic Interventions are conducted within the school hours

Extracurricular activities are conducted after school hours.

Regular school timings – 8:15 am  to 1:15 pm


Admission Enquiry for Academics Section