Our Vision & Mission

“To make every child a contributing member of the society by discovering his/her God given gifts and developing them systematically through education and vocational training.”

Our Story

Deep within her heart, Dr. Rita James carried a profound desire to empower every child, regardless of their challenges, and nurture them into responsible members of society. Armed with a Post Graduation in Special Education from the esteemed British Open University, she returned to India with unwavering determination to make a significant impact in the world of those with special needs. In December 1993, Asha Kiran was born—a Charitable Trust that would become a beacon of hope. Through Dr. James’ dedication and the tireless efforts of the Asha Kiran team, they nurtured the unique talents of each child, sowing seeds of empowerment and growth. Their vision continues to inspire countless hearts, transcending barriers and illuminating a future filled with boundless possibilities. 

Asha Kiran stands as a testament to the transformative power of love, dedication, and unshakable belief in the potential that lies within each individual. Guided by Dr. Rita James’ pursuit of inclusivity and equal opportunities, Asha Kiran has become a symbol of compassion and empowerment. With their resolute commitment to nurturing the dreams of every child, regardless of their challenges, they have created a world where every individual can shine brightly and make a difference.

Our History

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Message from the Founder/Director

Welcome message from the Founder- Director
Dr. Rita James. 

Message from the Principal

Welcome message from the Principal
Mrs. Myra Theodore

Mission & Our History

Read more about the history of Asha Kiran with the timeline and our mission.


Asha Kiran Special Needs School, is an accredited institution of National Open Schooling. Learn more

Work With Us

Time to time we look out for special educators specialized in various fields. Know more.


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