Teachers’ Training Academy

“Who dares to teach must never cease to learn.”

It is believed that teaching is an evolving skill because a good teacher like a good student keeps on learning.. Even the best teachers will begin to lag behind if they don’t continue to strive for excellence.

Teachers have the power to influence young minds, therefore it is of significant importance that teachers are not just told what to teach but how to teach.

TTA (Teachers’ Training Academy) is committed to impart the skills required to handle the children both from mainstream & special schools so that lives can be transformed.

Learning Objectives:

* Understand the thinking patterns and behavior of differently-abled children.
* Learn different methods of Teaching/learning skills in an Inclusive setup.
* Learn and understand principles and techniques to develop every child holistically.
* Learn effective skills on Behavior Management.

And many more topics to enrich lives of parents/teachers/special educators/ therapists/psychologists and other professionals.