Why Sets Asha Kiran Apart

Asha Kiran School: A Truly Unique Approach

Asha Kiran School stands out among the schools in Bangalore due to its exceptional commitment to inclusive education. Unlike any other institution, it warmly welcomes and supports children with diverse challenges, providing them with a nurturing environment under a single roof.

What sets Asha Kiran apart is its remarkable Teacher/Student Ratio, which stands at an impressively small 1:8. This intentional design ensures that each student receives the utmost personal attention, fostering their holistic development. With our dedicated focus on individualized care, we meticulously attend to the specific needs of every child, leaving no detail unnoticed.

At Asha Kiran, we firmly believe that the involvement of parents, is paramount to a child’s progress. Therefore, we actively engage parents as an integral part of the training process, recognizing their invaluable contribution to their child’s growth and learning journey.

Asha Kiran School is where uniqueness thrives, and inclusive education becomes a reality.

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