Academic Primary & Secondary Education

We aim to establish independence in learning, for the joy of it! 

A caring environment where we focus on all round development of a child-holistic approach.

  • Teacher student ratio in each class is 1:8
  • Based on the theory of multiple intelligence for learning
  • Facts, Skills and Concepts form an integral part of our teaching methodology.
  • Classroom teaching is based on the theory of multiple intelligence for learning by Howard Gardner.

Division of classes:

  • Level A – 1st to 3rd std
  • Level B – 4th to 5th std 
  • Level C – 6th to 8th std 
  • Secondary – 10th std
  • Senior Secondary – 11th & 12th std

    The school follows the NIOS curriculum for standards 10 (Secondary) and 12 (Senior Secondary)

Regular school timings:
Monday to Friday – 8:15 am  to 1:15 pm

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Individualized Education Plan

An Individualized Education Plan, or IEP, is a personalized plan created for students with disabilities. 

Preschool Education

Quality early childhood education through play way methods and required therapies.


Primary, Secondary and Senior Secondary Education offered. 

Vocational Training

Vocational Training is an educational and skill development program with individualized training

Extra & Co-Curricular Activities

At our special school, we offer a range of extra & co-curricular activities to enhance the overall development of our students:

Teachers Training Academy

Teachers training is important to keep ourselves updated with the methods and concepts

Parents Training

Time to Time we conduct training for the Parents to keep them equipped with challenges

Resources & Articles

Resources and Articles section to help the teachers, parents and others to learn more.


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