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Asha Kiran Teachers' Training Academy​

Teaching is a skill that keeps growing and changing, just like a good student. Even the best teachers can fall behind if they stop trying to improve. Teachers have a big impact on young minds, so it’s really important for them to know not only what to teach, but also how to teach it.

At TTA (Teachers’ Training Academy), we are dedicated to giving teachers the necessary skills to work with children in both regular and special schools. Our goal is to transform lives through education.

Learning Objectives:
* Understand the thinking patterns and behavior of differently-abled children.
* Learn different methods of Teaching/learning skills in an Inclusive setup.
* Learn and understand principles and techniques to develop every child holistically.
* Learn effective skills on Behavior Management.

Course Modules

  1. Learning principles, stages & styles
  2.  Multiple Intelligence
  3. Emotional Intelligence.
  4. IEP writing
  5. Learning Environment
  6. Lesson planning
  7. Assessment vs Evaluation
  8. Simulation of different kinds of disorders
  9. Concept base teaching
  10.  Making students independent
  11. Demos of teaching of different lessons to primary classes.
  12. Introduction to different disabilities and Inclusion

More modules can be added based on individuals/ school needs.

  • Online sessions via Zoom
  • Physical sessions batches date will be announced from time to time.
  • Residential sessions can be arranged for a group of teachers.
  • Individuals as well as groups can make their own packages based on their needs.
A Certificate will be awarded from Asha Kiran Teacher Training Academy on successful completion of the training.

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